Blood is thicker than water

It’s family that matters the most

Blood is thicker than water

Meeting and getting to know new people outside our of family is exciting and awesome and this circle of friends and acquaintances continues to expand as we get older and meet even more interesting and cool people.

When you’re a teen, you’ll find that some people in your circle are way cooler to hang out with than your boring, and sometimes annoying, parents. While we’re young, we tend to be so busy living our own life that we forget that our parents are growing older. While it might be tempting to find new experiences and have some young-people fun, in the end, our parents and family are the people who accept and love us unconditionally. People will come and go, but family is forever.

We’re not saying you have to spend every waking moment with your parents (that would be weird!), but here are some easy ways to make sure your parents are part of your life:

Involve them
It’s as easy as telling them about your problems or stories about what your friends are up to. Ask for their advice on different topics, they have tons of life experience and can give you a new point of view. Your parents were once young too! They’ll understand what you’re going through.

Be around
Dad having trouble fixing the car? Offer him a little help and get some quality time with pops. Do you live apart from your parents? Just give them a call, it doesn’t have to be a big event, but just checking in makes a big difference. You spend all week dealing your own stuff, like school and friends, you can take 15 minutes during your weekend to give your mom a call, she did give you the miracle of life!

Another fun way to be around the house is by combining your two worlds. Invite your friends over for a meal or to just hang out with your cool family. Double bonus: this will give your family the impression that your friends are good people who matter to you too. They’re your besties, not just any random people.

Be responsible
Ani is 19 years old and she is drifting from her mom. Ani wants to be independent and mature and to finally be the adult she has been imagining herself to be. There is only one thing stopping her: her mom. She always treats Ani like a kid. But instead of complaining about it, Ani decided to take action and show her mom that she could handle more responsibility in her life. First, she made sure her grades and school work were on point, then she helped around the house and even started a part-time job. It hasn’t been easy, but Ani’s mom is starting to see that Ani is growing into a smart and responsible young woman. Needless to say, their relationship is better than ever!

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