3 reasons you don't need a boy

You’ve already got everything you need!

3 reasons you don't need a boy

I am about to start my senior year in Secondary School. I want to be an electrical engineer – so I need to keep high grades. I’m so determined to reach my goals.

But recently my parents told me they want me to leave school and get married to a family friend. They think it is the best thing for my future.

I love my education and am not ready to focus on building a family. I know they just want the best for me, but I knew I could show them that I can build my own future without a boy.

One night I sat them down and went through 3 reasons that I don’t need a boy in my life right now.

Focussing on my education is the key to my future. I told my parents that my education secures my future for life. I showed them how good my grades are and shared feedback from my teachers about how clever they thought I was. My dad was so proud, he had a huge smile on his face.

My money, my choices. At my weekend job, I’m earning enough to cover my study costs while learning important skills. Studying hard all week and working during the weekend doesn't leave time for a boy. I can study and earn my own money, which gives me independence for life – rather than being dependant on a boy.

Strong female figures are more important. Through school, I signed up to a local mentorship program. Women graduates offer career support to help you reach your goals. My mentor Farah helps me to plan my future. She is at university studying engineering and also works at the electrical company. I visit her there and she teaches me so much about many things. With her help, I’m sure I can get the marks to get into the course I want at university.

I’m so thankful that my parents were able to listen to my needs. Now I have their support to finish my senior years as well as have them cheering me on to get into university.