Should you keep your period a secret?

It’s not something to be ashamed of

Should you keep your period a secret?

Getting your period for the first time is a big deal! You’ll most likely go through a rollercoaster of emotions all at once – scared, excited, confused, embarrassed and, of course, you’ll have lots of questions.

Don’t bottle up all those emotions and concerns because you’re afraid of what others will say. Remember, every girl is going to get her period – it’s a totally normal rite of passage to puberty. The key to coping with your period in the best way is to talk about it!

How to tell your friends

If your group of friends does not openly discuss what it means to get your period and all that goes with it, then it’s time to step up. If you hang out with boys and girls, try to create a time when you have just the girls around and gently bring up the subject. Start by saying something like, “I got my period this month, it’s pretty exciting! Has anyone else got theirs?” Your honesty will most likely encourage your friends to open up, and you may be surprised that you’re not the first one in your group to start your period. The great thing about being open with each other is that you’ll be able to help each other with advice and answering questions.

How to tell your family

You may live with just your mum, or both your parents or just your dad, or with an aunt… no matter what family unit you’re from, it’s important to let those close to you know what’s happening with you. This will give them the opportunity to support you and help with buying the necessary products you’ll need. Find a quiet time at home to tell them. Explain how you feel – scared, excited, nervous – and ask them if they have any advice for you. This will empower them to want to help, plus they will start to realise that you’re now growing up and becoming an adult.

Remember, periods are a normal fact of life and all girls will get their period sooner or later. Don’t try to navigate it on your own. By talking about it, you’ll create an invaluable support network.