Periodically in pain

Ways to feel better even when you’re feeling your worst

Periodically in pain

Puberty, pimples, periods… so many new things to deal with! Becoming a woman is an exciting and confusing journey, and we are here to help you make things easier.

We know that period pain can be terrible. Your body aches, you feel extra tired, and your insides feel all mushed up and uncomfortable. To make it worse, this happens every month.

What's a girl to do?! Do you have to suffer? Or take pills to make the pain and discomfort to go away? Nope! Here are some simple, natural ways to make you feel better and keep you healthy during that time of the month.

Eat healthy
Fruits and vegetables are great for satisfying your sugar cravings and any sudden hunger pangs. Even better? They're good for you! They are rich in the vitamins and fiber that your body needs to stay strong and fit. They also boost your energy and are a much healthier way to get a sugar-rush than a chocolate bar! The best part is, it's easy to find fresh fruits and vegetables. You probably have a bowl full in your kitchen right now!

Keep it clean
When we have our periods, our sweat glands and sebaceous glands work double-time. A nice hot bath or shower will remove excess sweat and oil from your skin, calm your nerves, and even ease cramping. Make sure to wash your face before bed, too – oily skin leads to pimples!

When you’re having period, your private parts can be more sensitive and the excess dampness can lead to an invasion of fungi and bacteria. To avoid an itchy infection, wash the area carefully (on the outside only – don’t go inside!) with clean water and a gentle soap, then pat it dry with a clean towel.

To make sure that you always feel fresh and clean, change your sanitary pad as often as you need to – around every three to four hours is normal.

And finally: we know it isn’t always easy being a girl, so be good to the girls around you! Together, we can get through anything!

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