How healthy are you?

Find out which of your habits are good for you…

How healthy are you?

Habits like eating fresh vegetables and exercising are good for your body; habits like eating sweets and fried foods, smoking and drinking too much alcohol are bad. It takes an average of three weeks to form a habit, so get out there and start forming good ones – you’ll feel happier, more confident, stronger and healthier.

Take our quiz to find out how:

Instructions Read the questions below. Pick an answer A, B or C to each question and then click to the next page to see just how healthy you are.

Having a snack between meals is not always bad as long as you get the balance right!

Do you:

A: Snack on all sorts of food, even fruit?

B: Have a snack even if you’re not hungry?

C: Only snack on chocolates, cakes, sweets, fried food like chips?

It’s really important to do exercise or some sort of fun activity that gets your body moving.

Do you: A: Get outside and move every day, even if it’s playing a fun game, running or walking outside with your friends?

B: Only do sport or exercise when it’s part of class or organised at school?

C: Prefer to stay indoors and never really go outside much?

What happens if someone around you is smoking?

Do you: A: Tell them how bad it is for them and for you? B: Ignore it? C: Ask them if they have any cigarettes for you?

It’s the weekend, time for a take away treat! The side options with your meal are rice and salad or chips.

Do you:
A: Choose the rice and salad. B: Have all three. C: Eat only the chips.

When you’re thirsty, what’s your drink of choice?

A: A big glass of water B: Sometimes water but I prefer sweet drinks! C: I’ll drink anything but water!